Nexus Brunch Science is an informal program of presentation and discussion of Science related topics at Nexus. The presentation will be in the Cinema Room at Nexus and will run from about 11:00 AM until noon or so during which all assembled are welcome to enjoy Brunch (or anything else) ordered from the Nexus Menu (thus the name)... a delicious brunch with a side of SCIENCE.

Your host for this program will be Dr. Denny Wilkins, who in a previous life was a high-energy physicist, and who is the author of the internationally successful Cassiopeia Project, which created a series of science videos for educators to use in the classroom.

Initial topics under consideration include…
* Evolution 
* Global Warming 
* Special Relativity 
* Quantum Mechanics 
* Big Bang 
* Universe 
* A year on earth / A day on Earth 
* Religion, God, and Science 
* DNA 
* Glycolysis? 
* Structure 
* Fission and Fusion 
* Periodic Table 
* QED 
* Standard Model 
* Theory of Everything

We are currently polling our viewer base to determine the level of interest in such a program. If you think this is a program that might attract your participation, use the form below to send us a comment.